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The First Car-Free Neighbourhood

A company in the United States has created a neighbourhood without cars.

It will be home to 1,000 residents and zero cars.

The first Culdesac car-free neighbourhood launches in 2020 in Tempe, Arizona.

Instead of parking lots, there are acres of green space, friendly courtyards, and shops right at your doorstep.

Services such as ridesharing, bikes and scooters, and same-day grocery delivery, helps those wanting to live car-free.

Plus, an on-site light rail stop makes it a breeze to get downtown for work.

Would you go car-free?

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17 oct 2022

I would buy a home in a car-free neighbourhood in a heartbeat! I dream of a day when all my needs can be met within walking, cycling or shuttle bus distance. Imagine a neighbourhood where your doctor, dentist, grocery store, pharmacy, library, community centre etc. all within a short distance, live and work locally, on an envious level. For remote workers, a general "office space" where you can walk to "work" and be back home for lunch if you desired. Just a thought.

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