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Tornadoes, Funnel Clouds, Wind & Hail Reported Across Saskatchewan

Canada Day was a day filled with severe weather in parts of Saskatchewan.

There were reports of tornadoes, funnel clouds, strong wind gusts, and hail.

There was an unconfirmed report of a tornado at 12:09 pm. 65 kilometres south of Moose Jaw.

At 6:05 pm 8 kilometres southwest of Regina there was a funnel cloud.

There was also a funnel cloud at 6:10 pm near Rouleau.

Wind Reports:

  • 3:47 pm. Gust to 104 km/h at Saskatoon Diefenbaker Airport.

  • 5:00 pm. Gust to 93 km/h at Kindersley.

  • 7:03 pm. Gust to 100 km/h at Bratts Lake.

  • 8:02 pm. Gust to 85 km/h at Weyburn.

  • 8:53 pm. Gust to 100 km/h at Yorkton.

There was golf ball sized hail at 7:05 pm at Coronach.

A number of locations reported nickel to quarter size hail.

Based on ECCC Data


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