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Tsunami advisories issued for British Columbia and US West Coast

Tsunami advisories have been issued from Attu, Alaska to the California/Mexico Border and for the State of Hawaii.

This advisory includes portions of British Columbia:

  • Central Coast - coastal sections

  • Central Coast - inland sections

  • Greater Victoria

  • Haida Gwaii

  • Inland Vancouver Island

  • North Coast - coastal sections

  • North Coast - inland sections

  • North Vancouver Island

  • West Vancouver Island

There is a possibility of strong localized currents. No significant inundation is expected, but low-lying coastal areas and beaches may be at risk. A tsunami is a series of waves. The first wave may not be the largest.

People in coastal areas that are at risk are advised to stay away from the shoreline and heed instructions from local authorities.

The advisory is due to an underwater volcanic eruption that occurred in the Tonga Islands.

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