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Two tornadoes, waterspout, and downburst confirmed in Ontario

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The Northern Tornadoes Project has confirmed two tornadoes, a waterspout, and a downburst from severe storms in Ontario over the past few days.

On August 29 there was an EF-0 tornado in the Payne area with estimated maximum winds of 125 km/h and a track length of 4.58 kilometres. There were reports of tree and property damage, and power outages were reported.

A tornado has also been confirmed in Stapledon. The tornado was rated as an EF-0 tornado with maximum winds of 125 km/h and a track length of 7.2 kilometres.

A waterspout was spotted near Sauble Beach along with reports of downed trees between Sauble Beach and Sauble Falls and power outages in the northern portions of Sauble Beach. The waterspout made landfall causing EF-0 damage along a narrow 5-kilometre path.

Additionally, the team from the Northern Tornadoes Project has determined that an EF-0 downburst affected the Kingston area.

Multiple funnel clouds were also reported with the thunderstorms that passed south of Ottawa in the Richmond and Kemptville areas.

The storm left more than 26,000 Hydro One customers without power.

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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