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Typhoon Molave Approaching Vietnam

By Judgefloro - Own work, CC0,

Typhoon Molave is a currently active strong Category 3 typhoon approaching Vietnam.

Molave emerged over the South China Sea on October 26, continuing to gradually intensify as it drifted away from the Philippines.

Nearly 9,000 people were forced to flee their homes in the Philippines, where sea travel was suspended as the storm approached.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled and schools were forced to close. Members of the Vietnamese military helped load elderly people onto evacuation buses and helped direct boats onshore.

The typhoon caused two Vietnamese fishing boats to sink, while 26 people are missing.

Molave strengthened into a powerful Category 3 typhoon despite relatively unfavourable conditions and became the strongest typhoon in the South China Sea since Typhoon Hato of 2017.


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