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Update on the Atlantic Canada Storm

Beginning on Tuesday an area of low pressure will bring a mixed bag of weather to the Maritime's. On Wednesday and Thursday, Newfoundland and Labrador along with eastern Quebec will begin to see the impacts.

Most areas will see snow to start and then ice pellets and/or freezing rain and then rain.


Most areas will see snow to start. Nova Scotia will quickly change to rain. There is a risk of ice pellets in the southern sections of the province. On PEI, snow will change to rain on Tuesday night. Northwestern New Brunswick will likely remain as snow while snow will change to ice pellets and then rain elsewhere. Wind will be strong, particularly in Nova Scotia.


Snow will spread across Newfoundland. A transition to ice pellets and freezing rain is expected followed by rain for most areas. Winds will be strong, especially along the coast.


Snow is expected to begin on Wednesday afternoon and continue through Thursday. For southeastern Labrador some mixed precipitation is possible.

Eastern Quebec

Snow will change to rain on Wednesday night. There is a risk of ice pellets of freezing rain during the transition.

This storm is likely to have significant implications on travel.


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