• Kyle Sooley-Brookings

Watching A System Near Bermuda

The system, highlighted in red, may become the next named storm of the season. Photo EOSDIS Worldview.

A low pressure system located about 800 kilometres east-southeast of Bermuda is a feature worth watching over the next couple of days.

Some slow development of this system is expected over the next few days.

Should a tropical storm form, it is not likely to get very strong. It will likely remain as a tropical or subtropical storm. The National Hurricane Center gives the system a 70 percent probability of forming into a tropical storm in the next 48 hours and an 80 percent chance of the next five days.

Spaghetti plots indicate the low will take a track southwestward and then may curve toward the north. We will continue to monitor the development of this system. In meteorology, spaghetti plots are several model outcomes drawn on a single map. Various forecast models within tropical cyclone track forecasting can be plotted on a spaghetti diagram to show confidence in five-day track forecasts.

There have been 25 named storms so far this year. The next named storm will be Epsilon, from the Greek alphabet.


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