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Weekend Forecast

Good morning,

Let's take a look at what's going on on Southern Ontario this weekend.

Its going to be a rather calm weather this weekend with some snow flurries expected on Saturday ending on Sunday and cloud cover on Sunday.

Today, it is sunny in Thunder Bay and Toronto with a few cloud patches, a wind chill of -15 in Kenora and winds up to 15km/h. Winds are west 20km/h in Toronto with a temperature low of -1 while Kenora has a low of -18.

Windsor and London are mostly cloudy with winds west 20km/h and a high of 5. At night time there is a possibility of snow showers with a low of -3 and a windchill of -7 in Windsor and a low of 1 in London.

Sudbury will have some flurries and winds southwest 30km/h gusting to 50 with a low of -13 at night. Ottawa is mostly cloudy with winds southwest 40km/h gusting to 60 km/h. The temperature low tonight is -5 with a windchill of -10 overnight.

Looking at the snow forecast for Saturday we can see that southern Ontario will have some light to moderate snow tomorrow. Temperatures are mostly above 0 degrees with the exception of Ottawa that has a low of -13, Toronto is -7, and Huntsville has -14.

Flurries are expected in Windsor, Hamilton and Kingston. There will be some moderate snow in Barrie and heavier amounts southeast of Ottawa.

On Sunday, snow flurries would have reduced and there will be some cloudiness over the region. London and Barrie should be expecting some light amounts of snow, Huntsville, Kingston Hamilton and Ottawa are cloudy.

Most of the region will be experiencing temperatures lower than -10, Ottawa will have a low of -17, Huntsville -12 and Kingston and Barrie will be around -10.

Have an amazing weekend !


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