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What to do when you see a tornado while you are driving?

What do you do when you have a tornado on the ground while you are driving? Well keep reading and find out. It could save your life.

🌪️Do not try to outrun the tornado A tornado's path can change in an instant, sometimes switching directions at random. You could be driving away from the tornado when it suddenly comes down your path. But, if you can clearly see that it is going in a different direction, then you should try to get away from it at the right and correct angles to ensure it is not catching up with you.

🌪️Don't hide under your car The twister may drop objects on your car which could crush you. It could also blow the car off you and you will lose the shelter.

🌪️Don't hide under an overpass Tunnels and bridges may act as a channel that increases the speed of a tornado's winds. Also don't park under an overpass in a tornado. The same thing will happen.

🌪️Pull your car onto the side of the road and seek shelter If there are sturdy buildings around, enter one and seek shelter. Go to the lowest level without windows. If there is no such shelter, find the lowest point on the ground, such as a ditch or culvert, and lie down, covering your head with your hands. Also, get as far away from your car as possible. Try to avoid places with trees or other objects that may get picked up by the tornado.

🌪️ Supply kit in your car Always have a blanket, flashlight, and road flashers - in case - your car can't be easily removed from the road. You want to set them off so you don't cause an accident.

🌪️ Is the tornado moving toward you? If the traffic allows and the tornado is distant, you likely have time to drive out of its path. Watch the tornado closely for a few seconds compared to a fixed object in the foreground. If the tornado appears to be moving to your right or left, it is not moving toward you. Still, you should drive at right angles to its track to your right if it is moving to your left, and vice versa. If it appears to stay in the same place, growing larger or getting closer - but not moving right or left - it is headed right at you.

🌪️ If you are caught in a tornado If you are caught by extreme winds or flying debris, park as quickly as possible - out of traffic lanes. Stay in your car with the seatbelt on. Put your head down below the windows, and cover your head with your hands and a blanket, cost or cushions if possible.


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