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What to expect this weekend in weather

Eastern Canada

A ridge of high pressure over Ontario will keep the eastern half of the country dry this weekend. Atlantic Canada will likely see some shower activity early next week. Northern Quebec will be unsettled all weekend.

Temperatures across Atlantic Canada will hover around the 20 degree mark. Across Quebec and Ontario, highs between 20 and 25 are expected.

Western Canada

Across northwestern Ontario, rain is expected on Saturday. A low over the Northern Plains will move into Manitoba on Sunday and over Ontario into early next week.

On Saturday some areas of showers are expected across the Prairie provinces. On Sunday southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba will see showers. Most of Manitoba and Saskatchewan will see highs near 20. Alberta will be cooler for the most part with highs hovering around 10.

Pacific impulses will affect the coast of British Columbia on Sunday and onward. Temperatures in the low to mid-teens are expected across BC.

Check out your local forecast here.


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