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Will Tropical Storm Franklin Impact Canada?

There is a lot of buzz on social media about Tropical Storm Franklin and its potential impacts on Canada.

We are still too far out to say what, if any impact this storm could have. What we do know is that Franklin, which is currently about 145 km east-northeast of Grand Turk Island, is expected to strengthen into a hurricane over the next couple of days, possibly by Saturday.

Franklin is also projected to turn north eventually. By early next week, it is expected to pass west of Bermuda.

Could there be an impact on Atlantic Canada? Yes. Will there be an impact? We don't know. Hurricanes can change their track in a short amount of time. What we should do is prepare for one simple reason, it is hurricane season.

Below is long range track guidance. This is NOT a forecast. Each line represents where a forecast model predicts Franklin will go. As you can see, there remains a lot of uncertainty.

We will watch the progress of Franklin over the next several days.

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