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Winter Storm to Affect the Prairies and NW Ontario on Tuesday: #ABStorm #SKStorm #MBStorm #ONStorm

If you love snow then the below forecast will be like an early Christmas present, however, if you are not a fan of it then please continue to read at your own risk!

For a while it appeared that a brown Christmas was in store for parts of the Prairies, this has since changed. Anywhere between 5-30 cm of snow is expected to fall in southeastern Alberta, southern Saskatchewan, southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario on Tuesday.

A white Christmas indeed.

Photo credit: Environment and Climate Change Canada

As we can see in the above image, forecasted for Tuesday evening, a huge area of low pressure is slowly moving across the southern Prairies, and parts of northwestern Ontario.

Regional Accumulation Breakdown:

Medicine Hat: 10-15 cm

Swift Current: 10-15 cm

Saskatoon: 5-10 cm

Regina: 15-20 cm

Yorkton: 15-20 cm

Dauphin: 15-20 cm

Brandon: 5-10 cm

Winnipeg: 5-10 cm

Kenora: 15-20 cm

Thunder Bay: 10 cm

This system will move out of the Prairies by late Tuesday evening/early Wednesday morning, all while it will take until late Wednesday evening for northwestern Ontario to clear out.

Please be careful on the roads Tuesday, as driving conditions will be dangerous in some spots. As well as heavy snowfall, we can also expect wind gusts up to 80 km/h in some locations. These factors will likely prompt road closures including the parts of Trans Canada highway near Regina.

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