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850,032 power outages across the State of Louisiana

New Orleans. Courtesy of EarthCam.

There are 850,032 power outages across the State of Louisiana according to including the City of New Orleans.

Residents of New Orleans are encouraged to limit water use since the power outage is impacting sewer pumping stations.

The center of Ida is located about 40 km west-southwest of New Orleans.

Hurricane Ida is moving further inland over southeastern Louisiana. It is bringing catastrophic storm surge, extremely strong winds, and flash flooding to the southeastern corner of the state.

A Weatherflow observation on Pontchartrain Causeway recently reported a sustained wind of 66 mph (106 km/h) and a gust of 89 mph (142 km/h).

An observation at the Gulfport Marina in Mississippi recently reported a sustained wind of 61 mph (98 km/h).

Another observation in Shell Beach, Louisiana, reported a sustained wind of 61 mph (98 km/h) with a gust of 75 mph (120 km/h).

Catastrophic impacts will continue in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes over the next couple of hours and these impacts are then expected to move into St. James, St. John the Baptist, and St. Charles Parishes during the evening hours. Significant impacts are expected across the remainder of Southeast Louisiana and moderate impacts are expected across coastal Mississippi and Southwest Mississippi from this afternoon through the overnight hours tonight.

It is too late to evacuate at this time and the National Weather Service in New Orleans is advising people to shelter in place until the storm passes through.


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