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A Look at The Halloween Forecast

There's no doubt that Halloween will be very different this year due to COVID-19. If restrictions allow you to head out, here is a rundown of what you can expect across the country.

Atlantic Canada

A ridge of high pressure will keep most of Atlantic Anada dry, at least that's what it looks like at this point. We do need to consider the remnants of Zeta. At this point, it looks like Zeta will pass offshore, but a slight shift in the track could put a damper on Halloween plans in Atlantic Canada. It will be a feature worth keeping an eye on. For the Maritimes and the Avalon Peninsula on Saturday, evening temperatures will be slightly above the freezing mark. Elsewhere temperatures will dip below zero and as cold as minus 5 in some areas.


Most of Quebec should see nice conditions for all the ghosts and goblins. Clear skies are expected with the exception of western facing shores of Hudson Bay where snow is expected in association with a low that will be over northern Ontario. Temperatures between minus 5 and minus 10 are expected for most areas.


An area of low pressure that will be over northwestern Ontario will bring a mix of rain and snow to northern sections of Ontario on Halloween. Southern Ontario will remain dry until Sunday when the low sends a swath of rain over the region. In the evening we should see temperatures around plus 5 in southern Ontario and zero in northern sections.


Snow is expected over the eastern half of Manitoba. Aside from that, a ridge of high pressure along the southern Alberta/British Columbia border will keep western Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta clear. Across Saskatchewan and Manitoba, lows will dip down about minus 7. Alberta will be warmer with lows near the freezing mark.

British Columbia

The southern half of the province will be protected by a ridge of high pressure along the southern Alberta/British Columbia border keeping skies fair. In Northern areas, sporadic flurries are expected for most areas. Along northern coastal sections, rain is expected in association with an offshore low. Lows will range from zero to plus 5 degrees.

Northern Canada

The eastern Arctic will be largely clear. Western sections will be mostly fair also. There is a risk of flurries in southern sections of Yukon. In northern Yukon lows between minus 25 and 30 are expected. Southern sections will see temperatures around minus 10. In the Northwest Territories minus 10 is expected in southern areas and minus 25 in northern sections. Finally, in Nunavut, lows will range from minus 10 to minus 20.

Regardless of where you live, please follow local public health guidelines and stay safe!


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