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Atlantic Canada Schools Closed As Storm Slams Region

A storm is having quite an impact on Atlantic Canada today.

There are several school closures this morning across Atlantic Canada.

Precipitation has already changed to freezing rain across most of Nova Scotia and in southern areas, it is currently raining. Rain is expected to come to an end across the province overnight.

On PEI, the snow that is falling now will transition over to ice pellets later this morning then change to freezing rain then rain. The precipitation will begin to taper off near midnight tonight.

New Brunswick is seeing mostly snow right now, freezing rain is expected four southern sections as the day progresses. The snow will come to an end early on Saturday morning.

Across Newfoundland, snow will change to ice pellets, then freezing rain, and rain across the Avalon, south coast, and central. Most of the west coast will remain as snow. Conditions will gradually improve on Saturday morning. Parts of central and western Newfoundland will continue to experience snow or snow squalls through Saturday afternoon.


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