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Heavy rain and strong winds causing problems across Atlantic Canada

City of St. John's

Heavy rain and strong winds are continuing across Newfoundland and parts of the Maritimes today.

The forecast is basically unchanged from yesterday. The Avalon Peninsula and the south coast of Newfoundland will see 20 to 40 mm of rain with isolated amounts of 50 mm.

Across the Maritimes, Cape Breton Island, northern mainland Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward will see heavy rain.

Cape Breton Island will see rainfall amounts of 50 to 80 mm with isolated amounts of 100 mm possible. Northern mainland Nova Scotia will see 40 to 60 mm with amounts over 100 mm possible locally.

Across Prince Edward Island, 15 to 30 mm is expected.

Strong winds are also a concern. On the Avalon Peninsula wind gusts to 80 km/h are expected. Winds will gust to 90 km/h on the Burin Peninsula and between 70 and 100 km/h along the south coast.

Cape Breton Island will see gusts to 80 km/h, northern mainland Nova Scotia will get gusts between 60 and 90 km/h, and on Prince Edward Island, gusts to 50 km/h are possible.

Marine Atlantic has cancelled all crossings scheduled for this morning.

There are 546 customers without power in Nova Scotia and 191 customers in Newfoundland.

Several collisions have been reported in eastern Newfoundland.


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