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Pattern Change Coming for BC Interior

By James Follette

Kamloops hit 32 degrees again today.. meaning the Heatwave continues!

It has been 4 consecutive days now of 32*C or higher, surpassing the requirements of 3 consecutive days.. of temperatures above 32*C, or ( 90*F )

This is also the 5th consecutive day of temperatures in the 30's! and the 7th day this month.

The normal number of days in May of 30 degrees in Kamloops is around only 1-2, with the peak number of 30 degree days occurring in July & August. where the normal average temperature for July and August is around 30*C.

Kamloops gets the most days of 30 degrees or higher than anywhere else in Canada with an average of 38 days a year!

There is a few more 30 degree days that will be added on this summer and to the streak! highs tomorrow should once again peak at 32 or 33. If it does, then it will be a 5 day heatwave, temperatures of 30 or 31 is expected on Sunday and then that could be the end of it..

A trough of low pressure and a dip in the jet stream will take place starting next week with cooler temperatures and some much needed rain! Areas like Naniamo and Vancouver could see some showers as early as Tuesday morning or afternoon, and some heavier rain by Wednesday, along with cooler temperatures in the 15 to 18 degree range and showers will persist into Thursday.

Kamloops will also cool down and see some showers next week, Monday will finally drop below 30 and only get into the mid-20's, By Tuesday, clouds will increase and temperatures will drop into the lower-20's, which is where they should be for this time of year, (which is at 23*C).

If low-20's is not cold enough for you.. then maybe Wednesday & Thursday will be, as showers and thunder storms roll in, temperatures will drop o below average, and even below 20 degrees! Highs on Thursday, could only top 17 or 18 degrees.

The cool air looks to stay a few days, before heat returns for next weekend!

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