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Remembering the Ocean Ranger

It has been 38 years since the Ocean Ranger sank off the shores of Newfoundland.

The semi-submersible mobile offshore drilling unit that sank in Canadian waters on 15 February 1982.

It was drilling an exploration well on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland for Mobil Oil of Canada, Ltd.

There were 84 crew members on board when it sank.

There were no survivors.

A large wave hit the Ocean Ranger. Radio transmissions were heard from Ocean Ranger, describing a broken portlight (a porthole window) and water in the ballast control room.

Ocean Ranger reported experiencing storm seas of 17 metres.

At 00:52 local time, on 15 February, a Mayday call was sent out from Ocean Ranger, noting a severe list to the port side of the rig and requesting immediate assistance. This was the first communication from Ocean Ranger identifying a major problem.

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