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Snow, Rain, & Wind to Impact Newfoundland & Northern Nova Scotia

A deepening area of low pressure will deliver some stormy weather to the northern sections of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. It all gets going early on Sunday morning.

Snow will advance across northern Nova Scotia on Sunday morning. The snow will continue until about Sunday evening. Gusty winds are also expected.

Snow will spread across Newfoundland mid-morning on Sunday. By mid-afternoon, snow will become mixed with ice pellets and then change to rain across the Avalon Peninsula and the Burin Peninsula. While most of Newfoundland will experience strong wind gusts, the strongest gusts will be across the Avalon Peninsula.

Snowfall Forecast St. John's 15-30 cm Gander 15-25 cm Corner Brook 10-15 cm Sydney 15-35 cm Rainfall Forecast St. John's 15-25 mm Gander 2-4 mm Corner Brook 0 mm Sydney 0 mm Wind Gusts St. John's 120 km/h Gander 80 km/h Corner Brook 60 km/h Sydney 90 km/h

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